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Anyone figure out what hops and yeast Victory Storm King might use. Victory mixes Storm King and Hop Devil at the bar in Downingtown, Pa to create the Dark Devil. Victory brew master says it works because both brews are hoppy beers and use the same yeast.

All I can find is Storm King has a Northwest flavor and they use American whole hops. Thinking they use Cascade. Same questions apply to Old Rasputin.

In general, what hops and yeast are commonly used in Russian Imperial Stouts. Currently using Columbus at 60 min followed by Perle, Goldings and Fuggles with Nottingham Danstar 3613 for yeast. The beer is great, not just my opinion, but trying to get it taste more like Storm King of Old Rasputin. Any thoughts?

I know that Victory is very tight-lipped about their recipes. If I were trying to clone Storm King I'd probably bitter with Columbus and use a crapload of Cascade or Centennial for late hops. For yeast I'd stick with something clean and attenuative like 1056/001/US-05.

i'm not familiar with this, but it might be worth looking at...

Have since learned from Brad Smith's book "Brewing With Beer Smith" that traditional stouts are made with well modified UK pale malts and English Fuggles and BC Goldings hops while American microbreweries use US hop variants. Yeast is usually English ale or Imperial Stout yeasts but very high OG beers will use Champagne or Barley Wine yeast.

All well and good. I get the BC Goldings and Fuggles but exactly what are "well modified UK pale malts" and  English ale, Imperial Stout, Champagne or Barley wine yeasts.

Think the "well modified UK pale malts" means Maris Otter pale malt. For the yeast, is there a chart showing what type of yeasts are typically used for a given style?

Any thoughts?

A Storm King clone recipe was just posted in the December 2012 issue of Brew Your Own magazine, page 12.  They use Centennial, Cluster, and Cascade hops.

You're welcome.  :)


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