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Larger Decoction Mashes

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1 atm Brewing:
I'm considering scaling up from 5 to 10 gallons. I like to do decoction mashes for my hefeweizens, but I'm dreading having to stir twice as much grain. Any tips for conducting larger decoction mashes? My only idea is to use a thinner mash so it will be easier to stir, but I'll have to be sure the mash is converted first since I'll be denaturing a larger portion of enzymes.

On a related note, how are decoction mashes performed at commercial breweries?

I use the "pressure cooker decoction" method so no stirring needed but, even with as big a one as I use, I don't know that it'd hold enough for a 10-gal batch decoction.

We have a 5 gallon Revereware pot that we decoct in. We stir with the mash paddle, and take turns at it. Not so much fun, until the payoff drinking the beer in the summer. Then it was all worth it.

I've only done a couple of decotion mashes - both were ten gallons (so I don't know any better).  That said my answer would be "man up".  You can handle it. ;D

Time for a bigger paddle!


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