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Forgive me, it's been too long.....

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As I schlepped tub upon tub of empty bottles to the curb today..... OK, so I am supporting craft breweries and that's a good thing....we'll it's darn near a car payment....for a Cadillac! I cranked out 10 gallons of will get dry hopped in about a week and should be a nice fruity bev....

And 10 gallons of imperial stout, half of which will get coffee fu fu'd as that's what some of my friends like....yes we're heading for a get together SCA style end of the month...

So, there IS a question in here. I was thinking for the "espresso keg" to brew a few pots of coffee using an espresso grind, then boiling the results down about 75%, after which I would add the syrup to the keg....

Sounds like a plan?

Good to hear you're back in the game...A buddy of mine makes a great Coffee Stout by using a french press and cold steeping overnight, then adds it to the keg.

I definitely would avoid boiling the coffee.  A cold steep gives a nice mellow coffee flavor, strong enough if you use enough, but without any nasty burnt coffee flavors.

A cold toddy is a better idea than boiling coffee down.

Glad you're back to brewing!  ;D

Good to hear from you again. Must have been bus driving a lot, and not brewing?


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