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--- Quote from: Joe Sr. on January 08, 2013, 09:45:45 PM ---I've read enough about the corona to know what I'd be getting in to.  Fine crush is no problem, as I'll be doing BIAB anyway.

I kind of like the thought of a Philmill from a nostalgia perspective.  And the price is right (under $40).

I'm typically doing a partial mash with <10 lbs of grain so milling time is no big deal, either.

If no one has horror stories about the Philmill, I think I'll pull the trigger today.

--- End quote ---

Definitely do it!  The PhilMill is a great piece of equipment.  It produces a terrific, even crush.  This all assumes that it's in good shape if it's used.  If new, you're getting a bargain.

I don't own a mill because I haven't had the money to invest in a good one.

From talking to mill owners (and pro's) - its worth the investment on a good mill because it will last a long time and not give too much trouble in operation/cleaning.

Nowadays, If I'm adding a new process to my brewday, I want to make sure it doesn't in turn add any headache!

When I do buy one - I would love one of those "I Love My Malt Mill" t-shirts!

I have been using a Phil mill for well over 10 years. Initially as a convenience for extract/specialty/partial mash brews, but about 6 years ago I switched to 10 gallon all grain.

My observations:
Get the drill attachment, the hand crank is too cumbersome. I use a variable speed hand drill which works well.

Crush is consistent. Other mills may leave a more intact husk, but I don't condition my malt and I have no efficiency, clarity or stuck mash issues.

Durability: after probably 1000 pounds of grain, it is starting to show some age. The bearings are a little looser. Still works fine, but I doubt it will go another 1000 without at least a reconditioning. The roller itself shows no wear, just the bearing.

Feeder: I drilled out the feeder hole to fit the wide mouth generic 3 liter soda bottles so it feeds more uniformly then the smaller opening designed for normal 2 liter bottles. This was adequate for small amounts (about 2 pounds? ) of grain, but when I went all grain, I just rest a massive funnel over the soda bottle to make a hopper that takes about 10 pounds at a time. It works...

I hope this is helpful for you.


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