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A good friend and club member built this nice stand for my Woodinville Whiskey Co. barrels, purchased through our club's recent group buy.  I have one more barrel coming from the next batch of barrels after the bourbon is dumped in another week or so.  The barrels on the bottom shelf still need wedges to cradle them.

Joe Sr.:
Sweet.  I'm jealous.

Very nice Steve!

I just built one myself.  :)

On casters??? In case you need to move it.....

I'd love to see some more pics of home built stands.  I need to build some up and had bookmarked my favorite design but maybe someone has a better idea.

Here is the site I was going to copy from:

I really like having them individually on casters to be able to move around.  The 15 gallon ones aren't bad to lift with some help but would be really nice just to be able to wheel them around.


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