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The skinny on Denny's 1450

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I have made 7 batches over the last year or so with 1450 at 65 & 68 F. For ME, 1450 provides a very good
mouth feel; but was always slow in fermenting and very slow dropping out. IMO, it's a lazy yeast.

i brewed on 1/1/13 and i'm still getting a bubble in the airlock every eight seconds. 

Checked mine again this morning and I'm only getting airlock activity every 25 seconds or so.  I'll check gravity when I dry hop next week.
It's strange that I've posted this question on 3 beer forums and the answers are the same.....about half say that it acts pretty much normal as the other yeasts and the other half stating it's a slow mover.  Matters not to me as long as I have good beer. I'm patient and pretty much have my brewing down with excellent results and I don't expect this one to be any different in the end.

I brewed a red on Oct. 21st using this yeast.  It was my first brew so I had no idea what to expect.  In comparison to my subsequent brews it visually was quite anemic.  High Krausen was maybe 1.5".  However it was done fairly quickly (brewed Sunday afternoon, no bubbler activity by Tue eve).  I left it in the primary for a week before I kegged.  OG:1.053, FG:1.007 (!)

I did a 1 liter starter.


the different experiences with this yeast are very interesting.


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