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Kegerator Thermostat Help (Adjustment Screw)

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My buddy gave me a Nostalgia Electrics Kegerator since he is upgrading his setup. After plugging it in i found out that the temperature doesnt get the beer colder than 45'F. I decided to start adjusting the thermostat that was located in the back. I found the adjustment screw on the face of the thermostat and fiddled with it over the course of 4 days. I got it down to the point of freezing which is obviosuly to cold. As i went to adjust the screw again, it just fell out. Inside the thermostat you can see a spring hanging in there (screw orginally went through the middle tighting and loosing the spring). I tried real quick to screw it back in, but it seems like it cant reach the recieving end. Is there a way to get this screw back in, or am I fudged? I only spent like 5 minutes on it before i had to leave for work. Any advice would help.

ps. compressor, fridge everything still works as i believe the thermostat does too, just needs the screw again so i can adjus the temp

You will probably have to open up the thermostat box.  Hopefully you can open it without damaging it.

The screw was likely connected to a plate that moves in and out.  When the screw came out the plate was pushed in by the spring.  Without opening the box you will not be able to reach the plate.

Make sure to unplug the unit before you try to do any work on it.  Take your time and note where all the parts were when you started.  Pictures make this much easier.

Good luck!


Thanks for the reply. I know the box might get tricky, will have to pull out the plyers. I wish i would be able to just pull off the top except there is another screw that there that doesnt screw in or out. It just adjusts another spring i think. Hopefully il be able to figure out a way without digging myself deeper into this mess.

Hi. I am interested in starting to keg and building a kegerator. I see HD has GE 7.0 cu chest freezer. Will this be sufficient to put two or three cornys and the c02 inside?  I live in an apartment. If I put this in the dining room on a rug, will that be a problem?  Wasn't sure if anything leaks or excretes from the bottom staining the rug. Any input is appreciated.   Dan

3 cornies and a CO2 tank will fit and leave room for some bottles.  If there is a drain plug in the bottom, put something under it to protect the carpet.  When the humidity rises in the summer, its typical to have some water in the bottom.  And then there's always beer leaks :(  I've had the drain plug leak before, just be careful.


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