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How likely is it a Brett/infected batch of mead will come around?

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I was having issues with some medicinal blackberry mead from a while back. It was a split batch. One half is fine. The other had a pellicle form, and smells like rotten fruit and funk. I'm guessing it's Brett and maybe lacto. Is there any way this will age out, or should I dump it?

If it is just brett and lacto I would give it time and see what you end up with.  It could be delicious.  They don't always smell awesome, and at least the smell is escaping instead of staying in there.

If I keep it, should I keep aging it in the bucket, or should I bottle it?

I would keep it somewhere it can vent gas until the gravity stabilizes.  Bucket or carboy.

The gravity seems stable. It's been at 1.000 for the last few months. Should I try stirring it to blow off some of the funk?


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