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What's Brewing This Weekend - 1/11 Edition

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Brewed up an IPA on Saturday.  Really happy with the process and the numbers.  1.060 OG and it is bubbling like crazy.  I actually had to get up every hour during the middle of the night to refill the airlock with solution because it kept blowing it all out. finally I just put a blowoff tube on after I got up this morning. 

Smells awesome.

Extract - 5 gallons - Pale extract with 30L, warrior bittering hops with late additions of centennial, amarillo and falconers flight. 

Just brewed a batch of porter. This is the first time I've rebrewed a batch with just a couple of small tweaks (mainly water adjustments) to really dial in a recipe, so I'm pretty excited to see how it turns out.

I also baked my first spent-grain bread as well. Nothing beats a relaxing day in the kitchen :)


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--- Quote from: hoser on January 10, 2013, 09:41:49 PM ---Wit beer grain bill, fresh lime zest, fresh spearmint, and chico yeast.  Could either be really good, or really bad :P

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that sounds really interesting - I make a mojito mead that is killer, please keep us posted on your results.

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Ok, I didn't forget about keep you updated on this beer, Blatz.  I ended up using 3 oz. of lime zest(12 limes!) with 5 minutes left in the boil.  Then I dry-hopped with 11g of fresh wintergreen mint to taste.  It is a P.I.A to find good, fresh spearmint in Nebraska, especially in the dead of winter!

Our local brewery, Empyrean, hosts a local competetion, called BeerQuest, quarterly.  21 entrants, trimmed down to 10 for a public serving/taste-off. The theme this time was fruit/spice "Spring" ales.

Before hand, the 10 remaining brewers get together and vote on their favorite brew.  The Mojito Wheat won Brewer's Choice!

I got edged out in the public balloting by 7pts to a Green Tea Pale ale.  We were both tied with 2 ballots to go!  Surprisingly had a lot of good feedback on the beer.  I was worried about the interplay of the spices, especially the mint, because I had never used either ingredient.  I will definitely be brewing this again! 

sounds good and congrats!

Thanks!  I'll post the recipe in the wiki when I get a chance.  Don't have it with me at the moment.


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