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What's Brewing This Weekend - 1/11 Edition

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Vienna lager with hockhurz step mash on Saturday - 2nd stage of 833 starter blown off

Kegging a cream ale and waiting on a Dortmunder Export.

I'm brewing another iteration of SN Celebration inspired IPA and kegging a Belgian strong dark.

Mark G:
Doing some small batch experimentation with wine yeasts and brettanomyces.


--- Quote from: Pinski on January 10, 2013, 01:26:05 AM ---Kegging a cream ale and waiting on a Dortmunder Export.

--- End quote ---

Hmm this sounds good. Let us know how it turned out, and did you use any adjuncts in the cream?

I am brewing a German Hefe with the super fresh yeast I bought from the white labs tasting room. And kegging a SMASH pale ale with mosaic hops.


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