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Hop production in North Carolina

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Jimmy K:
I came into work this morning (Department of Agriculture) and somebody had left this on my desk. I would have thought North Caronlina too far south for hop production, but...

I will be interested to hear what varieties they grow successfully.  I'd like to try planting something that is more sunlight neutral because I have so much shade around my house.  My cascades yielded only about a dozen cones this year.  In practice I can probably only grow hops as ornamental plants.

A friend had luck growing hops in Florence, SC.

An old college buddy of mine living in the Twin Cities area asked me if I knew some growers or people to share information on growing hop for that area. Interest is popping up all over...


Titanium Brewing:
You'd be surprised. I have had great luck with Cascade here in Los Angeles, 34 degrees North. My first year I harvested about 12 oz. off one plant, and last year it yielded about 2 pounds. The other varieties I have tried were failures, so this year i am going to do maybe 5 Casacde plants, with one being my 2 year old plant.


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