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Ouachita Brewhouse Little Rock Airport


I might be spending several hours in this airport and don't want them to be long... Anybody with knowledge of this establishment: Ouachita Brewhouse? I certainly can see myself spending a few hours drinking some beer.


I'll be back there this Friday and plan to spend about five hours waiting for my flight. Should I skip the place?

Sitting there as I type...

I'm drinking two beers from the *Diamond Bear brewery". Now my first perceptions may be due to the fact that I've not had a beer in a week.

However, the Southern Star blonde ale is excellent. Bright, with a light grainy maltiness and a solid bitter backbone. I could drink this continually.

Their Presidential IPA Is a copper hued bright ale. What I first mistook a soapyness revealed itself as a highly floral character. A nice balance of sweet and dry with BU's in the 50's. Malty dark tones. Muy bueno!

Kinda expensive since this is in the terminal but well worth the visit if one has a couple hours to kill...


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