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Hey All,

I am headed to philly for NHC hopefully this year and I wanted to bring some brew as the friend we are staying with is a new homebrewer and I wanted to share.

What's the best way to travel with say a case of bottles? will the airlines allow them if they are checked baggage? if I have to ship them it's only gonna be a couple bottles as that is expensive!

You can check as many as you want, but the extra baggage fees might be as much as shipping them.

I have had good luck covering them with a sock or use one of the styrofoam bottle inserts.

I recently flew to FL for a wedding, and checked 2 cases of homebrew without any issue. Just make sure everything is well packed.

I have flown cross country a couple of times with more than my fair share of homebrew in my checked luggage.  I have also flown internationally with purchased brew in checked luggage with no problems.  Just make sure you pack it really well so none of the bottles break and make sure to weigh it before you leave for the airport.  If it's overweight they will charge you out the nose for the extra weight.  I've found that it's actually cheaper to pay for an extra checked bag than to pay for the overweight charge.

Pack it like you're going to ship it via fedex.


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