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Dry Hopping in Primary...why not?

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In The Sand:
+1 to all. I let my beer ferment out for 2 wks then start the dry hopping regimen before racking to keg. I use pellet hops. Always have nice aroma and no off flavors.

Don't bother with a transfer to a Secondary container unless you are going to add another fermentable.  I agree with the sentiment above, dry hopping at the later stage of fermentation in the Primary is the preferred way to go.  Keep the Primary cool and there won't be any problem with autolysis.  Bottle or keg directly from the Primary after the beer has clarified to a large degree.


--- Quote from: redbeerman on January 10, 2013, 09:06:03 PM ---Paul, my last imperial red ale, I dryhopped with 4 oz. of various hops (simcoe, amarillo, centennial and something else that i have forgotten) in the primary on the yeast.  The hop aroma was awesome.  I was very pleased with the results.  I have done lesser charges in the past with good results as well.  This was a 5 gallon batch.

--- End quote ---

yeah - so far, that has been my experience as well - but I still am not getting that fresh, in your face, huffing on the opened hop bag aroma that I do from keg hopping, but I've only tried this a few times thusfar.  More research is needed...

Anyone experienced dry hopping a lager in the primary at 4 weeks, for an additional week.  Maybe let the temp increase from 50 on its own.  Then rack to a keg and lager cold as usual.

Well, I already dry hopped 1 1/2oz Amarillo, plus 1 1/2oz simcoe on day 5 of fermentation.


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