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Oktoberfest schnitzel - response and thanks!

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Since some of my forum friends may not be checking the other site any longer, I am posting a response to my old thread here:

--- Quote ---well, little foggy this morning, and just finished cleaning up the mess (did as much as we could last night, but we couldn't make it through)

was a big hit - the only thing I royally screwed up was the spaetzle - I made the dough too firm I guess and it wouldn't press through anything - colander, large holed cheese grater, slotted spoon, so I just chopped it a little and tore chunks, but it wasn't right. next time I might just buy the dry kind...

the pork schnitzel was fantastic - my butcher actually flattened them for me, so I didn't get to try the celery seeds, but that was okay.

I made the jaeger mushroom sauce, but I think my proportion of sour cream was too high and it became more of a white mushroom sauce - still damned tasty, but not brown as I expected.

the BEST part, by far, was the pretzels for appetizer - good call woody - I actually used Matt's recipe (pawtucket patriot) and it was delectable. They could have been a little fluffier and I wonder if I should have egg washed them before salting and putting in the oven, but otherwise fantastic - i think the lack of fluffiness was not kneading enough nor giving enough rise time (50 min) - we kinda ran out of time :oops: and had to forge ahead.

On the beer front, what was funniest to me, was that despite some killer maerzen, dunkel and pilsner on tap, all the guys kept asking for the IPA :shock: - I tried reminding them that we were eating german food, but they wanted hops...

Thanks for all your help, fellas and if you have any advice on the mistakes I made, don't hesitate to post!


--- End quote ---

i hope you're happy, you mentioned pretzels and I ended up missing half the Pats game making them   ;)

Hey blatz, dont sweat the spatzle. And dont go buy the dry kind. Its not the same. Next time just add a little more milk to make the batter more like thin pancake or crepe batter.

 Two cups flour, two eggs, two table spoons of melted butter or gee. Milk as needed till you reach the desired consistency. Mix with a whisk if you have one to get all of the lumps out.  A fork works fine too just tkaes a little longer.

Also you dont have to put the celery seed on hen you smack them. You can sprinkle it on after. I just like doing it before because it drives some of them down andlooks like they are actually in the meat when you eat them.

You can use caraway seeds too . Thats what a lot of Czechoslovakians use on their cutlets.

Thanks for the update. I was wondering how it went. Sounds awesome. Next year I want an invite! I'll even make the schnitize and the Jager gravy.  ;)


--- Quote from: majorvices on November 09, 2009, 02:24:16 AM ---Thanks for the update. I was wondering how it went. Sounds awesome. Next year I want an invite! I'll even make the schnitize and the Jager gravy.  ;)

--- End quote ---

definitely! - bring a keg of Dark Moon and you can stay as long as you like, or at least until the beer runs dry  ;D


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