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Can't understand water....thats why I drink beer

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I am starting to get into creating my own water and need to know if this is suppose to happen. When I put brewer's chalk into my water it settles to the bottom. I thought it was suppose to dissolve more into the solution. I only put in roughly 2.5 grams for five gallons. The best solution i came up with is stir it up. When that failed I went to plan B which was to stir it up again longer and faster...that also failed, is chalk suppose to settle out or stay in suspension?

Chalk doesn't dissolve very well in water unless it's under pressure.   Check out Martin's site and spreadsheet:

What Tygo Said. But the reason it dissolves under pressure is that carbonic acid lowers the pH until the chalk can go into solution. If you really need to add alkalinity to your water, either add the chalk to mash (not as effective, but chalk is easy to find) or add CaOH2, which you should be able to find at your grocery store (make sure it is food safe though).

also, +1 to Bru'n water. It is a great tool. (even though I don't use it so much, Great PNW water)

You will get it to dissolve some as you heat the water up.  Make sure to stir it really well before you dump it into your mash so that you get any undissolved solids to carry over with the water.  I use a spreadsheet that John Palmer Created for adjusting my water and even when I have undissolved stuff in the bottom of my strike water the pH ends up fine.

Thanks everyone. I'll just stir it up before I heat up my water and before the dough in.


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