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deck planter box for hop rhizome

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if you have room build a 24" cube and go from there...

I have room to build probably a planter cube as big as 36". sound about right for 1 rhizome? now, finding the time to build is another story.

thanks for all the input.


Jimmy K:
The primary limiting limiting factor with a small planter is usually water.  So you can use a smaller planter but you'd need to water it often - like twice a day or more.

how often you water will be determined by type of soil used and how well its mulched. A mix of good potting soil and compost, don't use that commercial stuff with fetilizer already in it. Spread rabbit food all over the top of the soil, then mulch with alfalfa straw to something like 6-10" and water real well... then keep an eye on it to make sure you have good drainage and the soil stays damp, not dry or soaking wet.


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