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Height, Depth of Danby DAR440

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I'm considering using this fridge for a fermentation chamber (managed with a Johnson controller):

I ferment small (3-gallon-ish) batches primarily in 5-gallon food-safe buckets like these: which I have drilled for airlocks. The buckets are approximately 12" in diameter and 15" high.

My question is the height from the compressor to the interior ceiling of the fridge. I haven't found one of these fridges in a store in the area to try out, and I'd prefer not to hassle with returns if I order it online. I wrote the manufacturer and they sent me a spec sheet, which was nice of them but it didn't precisely answer that question. (It did tell me that the exterior width/height/depth is approx 20"/32"/21", which suggests that it might work... and I saw a YouTube video where I thought, "that's this fridge!" and it was holding a fermenter.)

the amazon danby link is contradicting.  it show a kegerator and a dorm fridge.  the kegerator would probably work but the dorm fridge may not due to the shelving in the door.  my kegerator is 24x24x36 and i have had to use it as a ferm chamber in a pinch.  my buckets came from sf brewcraft.  i think my 13 gallon brew cube even fits.  i dont remember the name of my kegerator

I think I have the same model but the one with the "stainless" door in my garage. I originally bought it from Craiglist to convert into a kegerator, but the interior space was a little too limited for me. I threw in my bottling bucket and took a photo and some quick measurements.

The height from the compressor shelf to the controls in the center is about 18.5 inches and from the chill plate to the front with the door open is about 15 inches.  I'm not sure how far the shelving areas on the door come into the frig but my bucket will fit on the shelf heightwise but the door will not close with my bucket inside unless I cut the door shelves or like the amazon poster did for their kegerator conversion, replace the door interior with dry erase board.  I could double check my model and other dimensions if you want.... or I would suggest looking for one on Craigslist and checking it out. Around me that model comes up for sale a lot. Even if you dont buy it, you can get the measurements.  For what its worth, I have fermented in a corney keg in this unit with no problem.

Wow, Delo, thank you! That was very kind! And I'll put an alert to track Craigslist.

Dude Delo don't be so ghetto- find a piece of wood to slide in there. LOL I did the same bucket-stand thing in my kegerator with my first lager! A 8 gallon fermenter with no airlock just fit... Wish I had utilized it sooner.

kgs I used to believe in SF you wouldn't need ferm control since it has a mild climate but I'm seeing that reducing temp variations to a minimum is more important than previously thought. Hope one pops up soon.


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