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Height, Depth of Danby DAR440

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This fridge turns out to be $149 "cash and carry" at our local Costco. I didn't have a fermentation bucket with me, but I did study it a bit. If I could remove and replace the door panel, it wold work. Hmmm.

Buuuy it!


--- Quote from: euge on April 05, 2013, 08:13:03 PM ---Buuuy it!

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It's tomorrow's task! I found a thread on HBT that had very clear photos of the conversion. It looks like the interior door panel needs to be cut away, not unscrewed, so I have to figure out if I need the tool described in the thread or can get away with something else for a one-shot job.

Update 1: Purchase done! Had a rebate check from CostCo so the fridge cost me about $100. Big thanks to the stranger who volunteered to muscle the fridge into my car.

Update 2: no mods needed for my purposes! Without removing anything other than the main shelves:

* A 5-gallon food-grade bucket with a standard airlock fits with plenty of clearance all around.
* A 5-gallon Better Bottle would fit if it had a silicon airlock.
* Two 3-gallon Better Bottle fermenters with silicon airlocks would work side-by-side, though with limited clearance between them.

Modding the door would allow more stuff to fit... can always do that someday. Met my primary goal, however.

I even put back most of the door shelves, since I will probably use the fridge to chill other things (Fermcap, etc.). I'm letting the fridge settle for a day before I turn it on (getting it home and into the apartment was its own interesting project). Next stop: temp controller!

No more dragging buckets up and down the stairs! Hello locked-in-temps! Guten tag, lagers!

For any of you who own the Danby DAR440*, are you able to fit a 6-gallon Better Bottle carboy? I've been searching around and keep finding conflicting replies. Thanks  :-*


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