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Height, Depth of Danby DAR440

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I'm glad it helped.
When searching Craigslist, use every possible way to spell refrigerator whether it is right or wrong.
Refrigerator, refridgerator, fridge, frig, etc.

Ghetto? You must not have read the first line where I said the “stainless” door.  Stainless appliances = fancy.   The toilet paper roll looking thing is actually a commercial paper towel roll I used to prop the bucket up so I could take that awesome blurry picture so that’s not as gross either. The dirt on the floor of the fridge… that’s a different story.
The wood I had on the floor of the Danby is being used in the Sanyo apartment refrigerator that was/is to be converted into a kegerator that is now in our living room with corney kegs and picnic taps inside.  My wife isn’t too happy about that. She doesn’t believe the stainless = fancy thing….or that it will ever be converted into a kegerator. 
I do like the idea of using a stand and the compressor shelf of the Danby to use it as a fermentation chamber.  This fridge worked well with a Johnson controller.  I’ll have to look into that. Thanks

Lol I have the "fancy" Sanyo 4912!

I can make good-enough ales in our garage year-round, but a) it still requires I lug beer down to the garage and back up again, and b) as Euge notes, it's impossible to dial in a specific temp. I'm fine with my ales changing a little with the season (so does my hair color) but the first point is the real driver. Keeping all of the activity on the same floor will take out one of the major hassles I have with brewing. Plus it makes some styles possible that weren't before.

Thanks for the search tips. I will do some keyword and Boolean magic with my search terms (I think I can safely leave off "icebox").

Ha! icebox....You never know!  If you are more set on the refrigerator instead of a freezer, I would recommend looking for the Sanyo 4912 too. This is what I have too, also the "fancy" version.  It may be harder to find, but it is bigger.  It fits my carboy on the frig floor and can close it without modifying the door.

Chest freezers require lifting items in and out... I'm trying to avoid that. I've seen people talk about using slings and stuff but I feel that gets silly and requires a lot more equipment. Upright freezers, I'd need to get a big model to get the kind with movable shelves--money, space are issues there.  Thanks for the tip on the Sanyo 4912!


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