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how long with crushed grain??

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I was planning on brewing an all grain batch of NB Brickwarmer the first week of January, however, couldn't get to it.  It was pre crushed a few days before Christmas.  Would you still use the grains or  are they going to be too stale. I won't be able to brew until this weekend.  Thanks guys

If they were sealed and stored out of the sun in a cool place, you are just fine.

Mark G:
As long as they were stored cool and dry, they should be fine. Do they taste OK?

Edit: Looks like Dave beat me to the answer, so... Yeah, what he said.

Thanks guys, thats what I was hoping.  Never took it out of the box and was wrapped in plastic.

I've gone as long as 3 months with pre-crushed grains in a bag and made one of the best beers I've ever made. No worries.


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