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Mead with Pomegranate Seeds and possibly blueberries

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I'm thinking of making a fruit mead with pomegranate seeds as I got a lot of pomegranates from Costco.  I'm thinking of picking the pomegranate seeds and adding pectinase before adding the seeds to the mead in secondary.  How many pomegranates do I need to significantly impact the flavor of 4 gallons of mead? Would I be better off with some kind of concentrate.  I'm also thinking of adding blueberries too.

Joe Sr.:
I added pomegranate seeds to a Belgian about a year ago.  I used a package of pomegranate seeds from Costco.  I don't recall the weight, but maybe 8 oz?  Whatever the package size is that they sell.

These went into a 3 or 4 gallon batch and did not have a significant impact on flavor.  They did have an impact, but it was very subtle.  More of an overall "fruitiness" than any real pomegranate flavor.

I think you'll need a lot to get a significant impact.

That is going to be a heck of a lot of work. I love eating pomegranate, but the prep is a royal PITA. If I were going that route I'd probably just use some Pom Pomegranate-Blueberry juice as a portion of my dilution water.

I've never used them, but if you're sold on using arils, I'd look at recipes using red currants. Those are probably the closest fruit I can think of in both level of tartness and seed-to-flesh ratio.

I think it would be an interesting experiment. Dried pomegranite seeds are used as a souring agent in some Indian cooking. I think it's even used as the acidifying agent in making paneer (cheese) sometimes.

So I think the whole kernals/seed things, frozen and thawed and added to secondary would be really interesting. I would think you would want to go with near 1 lb per gallon as you would with any other fruit.

The pom juice would be a good shortcut but I would be interested to know if the hard seed part itself would bring anything to the party. I am thinking of how whole cherries with pits adds another level of complexity to sour cherry beers.

Joe Sr.:
Not to be a worry wart, but cherry pits contain cyanide.  Not sure about pomegranate seeds and even if they do I'm still alive so at least in low concentrations no worries.

I don't know if the cyanide would leach out into the alcohol, but it seems a safe bet some amount would.


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