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propane vs natural gas

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I got in touch with the original owner of the burner, and he confirmed it is for propane.  A closer look shows me that the nozzles are not working right, I can see gas (flames) leaking out of the bottom where they screw in.  So I'm thinking they all need to be cleaned up - soaked in something (what?) to remove whatever is clogging them, make sure the threads on the burner and nozzles are clear, etc.

Any suggestions or other ideas?

If the previous owner was a homebrewer, there was probably a boilover which is clogging the jets.  Try cleaning the pinhole with a pin.  Whatever you do, do not unscrew the nozzles expecting to screw them back in.  I just leave the gas leaks alone, but the gas leaks I have are pretty small.  A good boilover will seal the threads probably.

Why would i not be able to unscrew them and screw them back in?  I've already done it with two of them.

There was no boilover on the burner, but I'll try the pin idea, thanks.  I don't want to leave the leaks alone because the flames from too many tips are orange instead of blue.  I need to get a better brun out of this or replace it.

It would be better to say don't remove them and reinstall too often.  They are made of a soft metal and the threads are pretty easy to damage. 

I would think a little pipe dope on the threads would seal them up fine.


Ah, I get it.  Thanks, I'll be careful and see about pipe dope.


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