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Copper does remove sulfur!

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not that i don't believe that the copper worked, but does anyone know the science behind this?  seems like it could go into a paper titled 'metallurgy and the homebrewer'.

This is one of the main reasons why stills are made of copper.  Even stainless steel stills incorporate copper components in them to react with sulfur compounds.  It makes a big difference in the flavor of the distillate. 

Could it produce copper sulfate?
  I'd don't think it's reactive with ethanol so that wouldn't be an issue.

Jimmy K:
Yes, copper reacts with sulfur compounds to create copper sulfate.

All breweries should have some copper in their system to supply ions for this reaction.  All stainless breweries have this sort of problem all the time.  They have to add some copper.  A piece of copper pipe is all it takes.


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