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Hi all. My wife has been after me to brew a Coconut Stout. I am planing to brew her a five gallon batch this weekend. My question is how much extract to use and when to use it. Primary? Keg? I appreciate your help!

Add it to taste when you keg the beer.  Add a little, taste, adjust as necessary.  Alternately, pour 4 2-4 oz. samples of the beer.  Dose each with a different, measured amount of extract.  Taste and decide which you like best, then scale that amount of extract up to the batch size.

I would do the keg.  Start with a measured sample and add drops until you are satisified, then extrapolate that to the full batch and add to the keg.

edit:  yeah...what Denny said ( sneaking in under the wire :) )

Jimmy K:
I do what denny describes. There are 48 teaspoons in a cup and 52 12oz beers in 5 gallons.  So I dose 1tsp in 12oz of beer. Adjust up or down, then extrapolate (if you like 1/2 tsp in 12oz, then use 1/2 cup in 5gal).  You can adjust the math to dose smaller portions too.

Thank you for the help! Take care!


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