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First Time Home Brewer.

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Technically it all began when I was in Wisconsin for Christmas.  I decided I wanted to start brewing my own beer.  When I got back to Austin, Texas one of the first places I stopped was Austin Home Brew who gave me a free copy of Zymurgy Magazine which turned me on to the American Home Brewers Association  I quicky signed up to become a card carrying member.

Today my journey continued when I went back to Austin Home Brew Supply where I picked up my first ever home brewing kit.

I also made sure to pick up what they recommended as a first recipe to get started.  Something they called "Texas Blond Ale"

I read somewhere that it's important you do a little yeast farming, while you're brewing.  As a result I enjoyed the last of my Real Ale Brewers Cut Black Quadrupal which did a good job of getting me motivated to learn how to brew great beer!

I won't bore you all with the rest of the details since I'm sure you've all done this yourselves a bunch of times, but I'm excited.

Now begins what will likely be the longest month and a half of my life.

I'm a big computer geek.  Specifically I work with Unix like operating systems.  As a result I've decided to call my first batch "PID 1" which is the Init process, or first process.  Of course if I managed to screw this up somehow I can always rename it /dev/null (the bit bucket)

In case anyone is at all curious about what I did. I have a slightly more detailed post on my site here:

First, Welcome to the Obsession... er, Hobby.

Second, I doubt it will take 6 weeks to go from boil to bottle. Just guessing that it is a reasonably low gravity blonde ale. I would say 2 weeks in primary and 2 weeks in the bottle would be fine, but check your gravity a couple times as you near that 2 week spot, and make sure it is stable.

Just remember, Relax, don't worry, and have a homebrew (or a commercial beer in your case). Also, I would recommend planning your next batch, it will make the waiting easier.

Good luck, Enjoy your beer!

Here is an article I wish I would have read 10 years ago:

That's a great Blog by the way.  Good luck!

Congrats and welcome! Your life will never be the same.

Some advice: Beware of advice and get multiple opinions. Experiment and learn from your own experiences. I say this after reading garc_mall's post. I agree that 2 weeks in the primary should be fine. As for the bottles, well, after bottle conditioning my beers for 19 years, I've learned that it's never ready after only 2 weeks. But, taste it at different periods and decide for yourself. For me, 4-5 weeks in the bottles and the beer tastes finished.

Mark G:
Welcome to the forum and the AHA. My only words of wisdom... Start your next batch now.


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