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I have high confidence in my GFI's.  My old system just used a normal 120v GFI that I wired into a heavy-duty extension cord and enclosed in a junction box.  It still works fine, but I've upgraded my whole system to operate at 240v.  The photo shows my old GFI beside my new unit (a 50a Spa GFI).  They will protect you.  Of course, make sure that all your equipment is properly grounded. The Vari-Speed thing is the exhaust fan controller.


I believe in my GFI. It's the outlet I don't trust.

I used to run on natural gas.  Since I have moved I ONLY have electric service.  I went with 5500W elements in my kettle and HLT.  I installed a 50A GFI breaker to service the heating elements.  I enclosed the elements with an aluminum project box I bought of DigiKey.  Very compact and tidy IMO. 


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