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I posted earlier that I just got my first batch ever into the primary fermenter last night.  I'm happy to report the air lock is bubbling away, so I guess the yeast is at least kind of alive and well.

Looking ahead to my second batch, the electric stove in our apartment was able to bring three gallons of water, and extract to a boil but it took it quite a while.  Have any of you looked at, or used something like this 1800w Induction plate

How do these compare with standard apartment fare large electric burners?  I know ideally I would look at a propane powered burner, but here in Texas that means I need to be at least 25 feet away from the building, and while I'm not opposed to that, it also means doing all of my brewing downstairs and then lugging the fermenter up to the third floor.  I'm not opposed to this, but if it can be avoided I'd like to.

Any sage advice you can offer will be appreciated.


ive a friend who uses a similar induction plate with great success - I'd say go for it!

Use your next biggest pot (or more) to help you get to a boil faster, then combine them into your kettle. I assume you have more than 1 burner on that stove. A real time saver.

I straddle my 10 gallon pot over two burners on one side of the stove - this has worked for me for years and three different apartments.

Just so long as you're OK with being limited with the materials used for your brew kettle.


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