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what to expect from temperature change during fermenetation?


i'm starting this topic separate from this one where i was asking questions about denny's yeast.....

summary:  i brewed an ipa using denny's yeast and racked it and put a double ipa on the yeast cake.

when i racked the double ipa on the yeast cake, the temp strip said it was 72 degress in the fermentor. 
within a very few hours, fermentation took off and by the time i went to bed, there was 2 inches of krausen.  by morning, the krausen was at the top of the fermentor.  the temps outsided dropped and at the end of 24 hours, the temp strip indicated the beer was fermenting at 66 degrees.  i kept the heat turned down to 60 and by the second morning, 24 hours later, the temp is now 62 and has been the past two days. 

fermentation is still very active, as i suspected, but i am wondering what effect the reduction in temp had on the still fermenting beverage.

Probably little to no effect.

great.  thanks denny. 


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