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are their any articles or reading about all grain brewing?


i made the switch i have been busy switching and such and now that i have all the equipment i feel really lost and i was wondering if anyone had good reading material about all grain.  Now i must mention i actually have a new brewing buddy who is also opening a brewery in my town im gonna be working for him and i brew at his brew house and he has a pretty high tech system so any info on that would be great as well thanks.  I use denny's system for my house but this guy has 2 tippy full digital systems from more beer?

Cross Post???

Pick up a back-issue of Zymurgy's "great grain issue"  - great reference material.
How to Brew by John Palmer should be in your collection if it isn't already

Throw yourself into the AG brewing process and you'll learn soon enough where the mistakes are made.

Keep it simple keep it up... ;)


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