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Thermopens on sale

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I figured instead of starting a new thread. For all those interested.

I bought mine open box sale maybe about 2 years ago. its working great and still on same batteries.  I use it for everything.  A little sticky in the hinge because i dipped it in the mash but that was me not paying attention.

thanks for the new link.  i just ordered a pink one to go along wiht my yellow one.

Just keep rinsing the hinge area and work it back and forth every time you use it. Soon the stickiness will be gone provided you don't dip too deep again...


--- Quote from: euge on July 09, 2013, 03:35:02 PM ---...provided you don't dip too deep again...

--- End quote ---
This is the key. It started moving ok after rinsing and opening and closing the first time I did it. Hopefully the third time will not be when I discover the difference between splashproof and waterproof.

are these really worth the price?  How fast does it read temps?  I bought a waterproof digital thermometer from a kitchen supply store for $15.


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