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Add Extract DURING a Mini-Mash to use the Enzymes?

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I recall reading about that technique years back on HBD, Dave.  I was skeptical, but reports from people who tried it were that apparently the enzymes in the grain really did increase the fermentability of the extract.

In thinking about this, if there are complex sugars in the extract (Maltriose) and you put the extract in the mash, then the Alpha Enzymes from the mash will further break down the complex sugars.  That does make sense, right?


If you are looking for a dry beer I would highly recommend that you use Briess Pilsen DME. That extract is extremely fermentable! I don’t think you will even need to employ your mashing technique if you use this extract. Last spring I brewed a Bitter Ale with Briess Pilsen DME and ½ lb. of British Crystal Malt (and Wyeast 1469). The OG was 1.050 and the FG was 1.006.


Seems to me that this would be one time it might be worth it to try Beano. Or would it be too watery even for a light beer clone?

Ugh... the Beano idea just won't die.

Don't ever use Beano.  NEVER.  You will be sorry if you do.  You have been warned.


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