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Impending Doom or RDWHAHB?

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On December 27 I brewed 20 gallons of Wee Heavy.  I typically drain the yeast from my conical and keg/bottle when all of the yeast is out of the vessel (my conical does not have a racking arm).  Anyways, I have been out of town a lot lately and did not have time to drain the yeast, thus today I siphoned off of the top into 4 kegs.  Before starting the top of the beer had dozens of white 1/8" spots floating on the top.  I have seen this before and always attributed it to unsinking kreusen that dries out.  While siphoning today I certainly picked up a few of the dots.  Is my theory feasible?

After siphoning the dots mostly attached to the side wall as the two pictures showl

I have had similar issues with certain yeasts. None seemed to hurt the finished product. Mine were closer to krausen chunks, not dots.

Looks fine.

remember that scene in poltergeist II with the tequila worm...

well, that probably won't happen to you  ::)

Taste will tell you if its wild yeast/mold/bacteria.  Hard to tell from the photo, really it doesn't seem like wild bugs would be that far along after only a month so I'm guessing you're good.


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