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Um... Kai... anybody... this thread is hanging in limbo.... Kai, what were the results of you plugging in the info you wanted???? cheers!!

BrewQuest, sorry about the delay. Don't worry about PMing me when I seem to have forgotten about a thread.

When I put your data into the Brewer's Friend water calculator I get a predicted mash pH of 4.94. That is 8+% acidulated malt in this grist. No surprise that it is that low. That also matches Weyermann's rule of thumb of about 0.1 pH drop per % acid malt. When I replace the acid malt with Pilsner I get a pH of 5.71. That's about 0.092 pH drop per 1 %.

I saved the settings to this link:

I would have gone with just 0.6 lb of acid malt. That's about 3% of the grist and should have gotten you to a pH around 5.4.



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