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Brew ruined??? Vodka drip in wort....

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Ok so I use vodka in my airlock and today when I sealed my new brew to start fermentation some vodka dripped into the carboy. Will this kill the fermentation? Did I just kill my new batch of brew? It has been 2 hours and I have no bubbling in the air lock.

Titanium Brewing:
A little vodka shouldn't be a problem. I've been using cheap vodka in my air locks for years with out issue. You should not use air lock activity as a sign of fermentation. 2 hours is not nearly enough time to determine if there is fermentation. I'd leave it for a day or two before even worrying.

how much dripped in there?  a liter? 2?  if it less than that i wouldn't worry.  and 2 hours for lag time isn't bad.  in fact it's pretty good.



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It will be fine.  Well any problems won't be due to the vodka anyway! ;)


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