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Brew ruined??? Vodka drip in wort....

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If you are having a two hour lag you are pitching far, far too warm. 12 - 24 hour lag is standard and what you want. Super short lag time does not = good beer.

And vodka would be sanitary. No worries there. And certainly won't kill yeast unless you dosed the actual slurry in vodka.

Thanks guys. It was about a half a shots worth of vodka that made it in the beer before I caught it. I will watch it over the next few days for activity.

The reason many people use vodka in their airlocks (including me) is because vodka is basically flavorless, and the alcohol will kill bacteria or wild yeast if they fall in. Once the vodka has been diluted (3/4 oz in 5 gal) that far, there isn't enough alcohol to kill the yeast. RDWHAHB. If there is some problem with your yeast not starting, it won't be because of the vodka.

i've got vodka in my airlock right now. 


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