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What 10 gal fermenter?

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I'm stepping up to 10 gal batches. I currently have several carboys of various sizes that I ferment in. Splitting the batch into two fermenters is an option and I'll do that on occasion for dry hop, yeast experiments etc.  I'd like to be able to ferment all 10 gal in one vessel. What do you use for 10 gal batches?

I am in the same dilemma and want to step up and buy a 14 gallon conical but not ready to spend the money. For now, I like the idea of split batches so that I can use two different yeasts or tinker with one of the batches (dry hop, secondary experiments). With the carboys, I am able to practice better temperature control (water bath) as I do not have a dedicated space or capability to control the temp in a conical just yet.

If you are not hung up on fermenting in plastic, I had purchased a 15 gal conical tank for about $70 at a farm supply store (try TSC) - think they called it an ejector tank or something like that - had to install a bulkhead 1/3 way up on tank to load kegs from and save the yeast. Had to build a stand (on wheels) -  total cost was under $100 - works great

As an afterthought - homebrewing on a budget -  it takes a little work but for the sparge water and lauter tun, I went to a local plumbing shop and the gave me a 40 gal electric hot water tank and cut both the tank and insulated shell in half, used the top of the tank for lauter and the bottom for the sparge water (left the element in the bottom half) with the shell and insulation reinstalled. Just make sure the glass lining is intact inside the tank. I comfortably make 16 gal batches - for smaller batches, simply use a 20 gal heater instead.

Try this and look for "inductor" tanks - listed at $74.99 for 15 gal (mine is 15 gal but actually holds 16 gals easily)


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