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What 10 gal fermenter?

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Or a 15 gallon Sanke keg.

i have 3 options, splitting into 5 gal buckets, sanke and brew cube.  brew cube is my fave, i drilled it for a spigot.  i bought it from my lhbss and have seen them at the container store.

IMO...a Sanke keg is the solution. I have two and I just treat them like giant carboys. A drilled #10 stopper fits perfectly. 
- Stainless
-Cheap (Find them on Craigslist for 50 bucks)
- Unbreakable/Indestrucible
- Easy to Clean (just build a ghetto keg washer with a bucket and a fountain pump)
- Easy to sanitize ( Boil a few gallons of water in it for 10 minutes)
- Can transfer using CO2
- Heavy when full ( I put mine on wheeled tray)

Other than the ability to drop out trub/harvest yeast I don't see the advantage of a conical for a homebrewer. Especially when you factor in the price!!

They're a little harder to find, but you can also get your hands on 10 and 15 gallon corny kegs and you can get by without any welding. 

For my Belgian beers, I use the 13 gallon "Vittles Vault" (I think it's marketed as a 55 pound container).  I honestly think 2 carboys/better bottles are easier in general.  Unless you can fill it in place or wheel it to your fermentation chamber, carrying 10 gallons is very difficult.  I love the wide container for Belgian brews, though, but I add the second 5 gallons once it's in place.


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