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When do you RETIRE a barrel or solera?

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I mean I have learned my lesson, the thing keeps making great beer

It is cherrylicious goodness.  I however have learned that it owns me
and not the other way around. I need to keep it full ....or waist my efforts
on oxidized yuk....vinegar?

So i need 2 more empty corny kegs and rack the thing empty and ....sell? scrap? burn?
WTF?? is next?  More bugs? Decisions Decisions....what say the masses?

If your really done with it why not drain it, and make a planter.  it'd be a shame though. that was truely cherrylicious goodness

I would try to sell it.  Or you could (heaven forbid) sanitize it and store it for future use.  Of course then you would be starting over with the bugs and all.  And then there are issues with storage as well.  If you don't keep it moist, the wood may split leaving you with a useless planter. :P

Why not hit it with sulphur or one of the other methods to fully sanitize the barrel and start over? Innoculate some new wort with the dregs of some homebrew you made in the barrel before cleaning and hope it develops a similar profile.

I am needing to see where the beer inside this thing has gotten to....
Retire not because of any other reason than I no longer want the thing to own me.
May list it in the classifieds if I ever get it emptied.  May have to sell vinegar...
at least selling vinegar is legal. :'(


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