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Temp Change After Initial Fermintation


I just brewed my first batch of beer last weekend. Everything went off without a hitch except that I've discovered I'm apparently not dexterous enough to hold two ends of the siphon hose without having the auto-siphon flip out of the brew pot and land on the floor. My brew is happily bubbling away and I'm thrilled to find (and a little suprised, that aha I did it moment) that it actually smells like beer.

So I'm already planning my next batch and I need to utilize that space I have for fermenting. I was wondering if I could move my fermenting bucket after initial fermentation to another spot that may not be as temp controlled. You know during aging and settling? Or should the temp stay constant during the entire fermenting/aging period?

The most important time for temp control is the first 72-96 hours. However, I would not move the fermenter to a place that gets much colder than 60 (for ales) until the beer is completely finished. If it gets too cool, the yeast may drop out early and not finish fermenting/clean up.

Overall though, RDWHAHB.

Thanks,  I was concerned about the temperature rising or fluctuating. I was wanting to bring the bucket up from the basement and  stick it in the closet while its settling so as to avoid child tampering and put another batch in the basement for fermenting where I know the temp is cooler and more stable.

Jimmy K:
Raising the temperature a bit will be no problem. Many people do that on purpose to help the yeast fully attenuate.


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