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Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale


First off, I would say a BIG thank you to Euge for funneling this in my direction.

I finally got to trying a snifter of this, After I had a homemade my palate
is not spot on perhaps. (not that it ever was)

Nose is not forthcoming and if anything reminds me of wet dog...yep thats right weak wet dog.
almost verdigris coppery smelling.  I took a small sip and was like....dang NO mouthfeel kinda
watery. That was after the saison of course so maybe expected.
The Beer poured a coppery light amber in the glas and the head was shortlived and a small
ring of bubbles circle the brew perimeter.
Next sip was more better and hoppy, I had become acclimated and it was like yeah...ok I can
do this.  After that I find it to be a nice brew once you get past the smell....light and clean
on the palate not real hoppy as the label/name might have you believe.  If I could find this beer
up here in BFE whyo, I would prolly get some from time to time just to alternate from the
New Belgium scene.  Crisp and forward hoppy, not agressively hoppy. Malt takes a back seat.

It's not bad, although not outstanding either.  I am rather fond of Shiner bock, even tho it's not really an outstanding beer either.  So I was happy to see shiner moving in a new and interesting direction.  The pale ale is certainly quite drinkable, and pretty tasty.  I was happy to see shiner moving to hoppier, bolder beers, as most of their beers are quite mild.

I would certainly drink the wild hare again. 

I drank six of them last week... Best thing about WH is the hops which are pretty forward for something from the Spoetzl brewery.

Sorry I only sent one Dave...


--- Quote from: 1vertical on January 21, 2013, 04:34:27 AM ---I took a small sip and was like....dang NO mouthfeel kinda watery.

--- End quote ---
Shiner beers tend to be thin in my experience. I still like most of 'em, though.


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