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Hi All - - Does anyone know if there are any disadvantages if your wort takes too long to reach a boil?  Currently it takes me about 45 minutes to reach a good boil after I've collected my wort from my mash tun.  Is this too long?  Should I invest in a propane burner...currently using a gas stove.


Unless yo do a true mashout to denature the enzymes, there will still be conversion going on at a low level of activity.  That could make your wort more fermentable than you intended.  Frankly, I don't think it's too big a deal and wouldn't worry about it.

Your wait time seems ordinary.

Thanks guys, appreciate the speedy responses!!

Illini Rookie:
To piggy back off this idea, what about if the boil is lost periodically throughout? I tried brewing in heavy wind and the temp was dropping which resulted in me losing both my flame and rolling boil several times throughout. I tried to extend the boil by about 10 mins, and I had at least had 20 mins of good rolling boil at the end.

Any reason to think this will be an issue in the final beer?


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