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I'm fermenting a bock right now and am weighing whether to bottle or transfer to a secondary. I've been fermenting it in a cooler that holds the temperature at a steady 50 degrees, but don't have the ability to lower the temperature further, as many recipes recommend, and lager it for an extended period without risking some more significant temperature fluctuations. (Basically, I'd put it out in my mudroom, where it gets plenty cold, but can have temperature swings of 20 degrees.)

Is it worth transferring to a secondary and continuing to hold it at 45-50 degrees for a month or more, or should I just bottle it when fermentation is complete, as I do with most ales?

I have started just bottling my lagers after about a month then stuffing in back of fridge for a month

The term "lager" literally means to store (and in brewing it means to store close to freezing). You will be better off aging this beer at 32 degrees (or as close as you can come to that) for a month or so in the primary or secondary or in the bottle if that is your only option.

How's the temperature in the garage?

(I'd be chicken about lagering in mine, but on the other hand, I keep sodas cold out there all winter without them freezing.)

Yeah, I tried storing a scottish 60 shilling in my garage on time, and it froze solid. We just ended a week when the daytime high temps were -2 to 0. Don't think I'll try that. But I'm definitely going to transfer and store. Just seems everyone says it results in much smoother beer.


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