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Prefered base malt for brewing?

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I typically by 50 pound sacks of malt for my brewing so I always have some on hand when I want to brew.  I have a limited selection where I live (Fairbanks, Alaska) and tend to have to get whatever is available (frequently gambrinus or great western 2 row).  I just found a source with a selection of malts that has inexpensive shipping for me and I was wondering what people liked. 

I tend to brew a variety of ales ranging from blondes, red ales, IPA's, Stouts, Belgians, you name it...but I do tend to like malty beers.  This survey has a list of some of the malts I have to choose from and I just wanted to see what people liked ;)

mabrungard: don't have any of the malts I can get.  But I'd go with a 2 row pale malt as my basic base since I largely brew ales.

I don't know that I can vote since I don't consider any of those malts interchangeable. I will say that both the GW Pale Ale and the TF Maris Otter are great malts, in my experience.

2 row is my go to (Great Western or other domestic sources) in 50 lb sacks.

What are you making?
For some British Ales I like GP, for others I like MO. I do like GP for a sweet-malty flavor.


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