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+1 to Radical Brewing and BCS

Also, the two books by the szamatulskis (I probably butchered their name) Beer Captured and Clone Brews. That has a lot of good recipes which are clones of well known craft beers.

Take a look at the AHA recipe database, too...

Mark, I gotta disagree on those books.  I do, however, find them great for starting fires in the woodstove.


I never used the books, I have used 1 recipe in my entire brewing career. However, I have flipped through the books and used some of their ideas to put together recipes of my own. I cannot comment on the quality of the recipes inside any of the books.  :-X

Oh, and you spelled my name wrong 8)

But I agree with Denny's recommendation of the AHA recipe database, and most homebrew shops have their own recipe books, which can be decent as well (More of a mixed bag though)

Oops!  I know better. I'll blame it on only one cup of coffee so far!


--- Quote from: denny on January 23, 2013, 05:11:23 PM ---Oops!  I know better. I'll blame it on only one cup of coffee so far!

--- End quote ---
Are you talking about all of those books garc mentioned, or just the last two?  I really like the few beers I've brewed from BCS, and Radical Brewing is probably my favorite brewing book and I think it is hands down the best resource for odd ingredients.


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