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Warming Fermenters a Few Degrees

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I put a heating pad near the fermentor and cover the whole thing with a blanket. I tape a meat thermometer with a long wired probe to the other side of the fermentor and insulate it so I can occasionally monitor the temperature.

Something like this:

and this:

Cheap and easy solution.

Love these ideas!  I needed to heat my stout up a few degrees to push the final gravity down a couple of more points.  It was in my basement and fermenting slowly at 60 F and wanted it up around 65.  I keep my carboys in plastic oil catchpans in case of spills or other disasters and just added some warm water. (Better Bottle, not glass) In about an hour I was up to 65 and changed the water every 6 hrs or so for two days.  That brought my SG down a couple of points to where I wanted it.
But I like the fish heater idea and will play with that.

I use a warm water bath with a heatstick and RANCO.

I've started using a Brew Belt on my last few brews, and I've been pretty happy with it so far. I've gotten 3-gallons of beer in both a 6-gallon carboy and a 6.5 gallon bucket pretty much dead-on 8 degrees F above ambient every time.

Jeff M:
MY LHBS has been promoting the Thermovest.  They have been using it in their shop(which is based out of a warehouse) in MA, where it has been fridgidly cold before today.  might be worth looking in to, altho they seem expensive.


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