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I am making a new boil kettle for my brewery, and I was wondering what people's opinions are about including copper at some point in the brewing process. I have heard that it is important for yeast health to have some copper leach in to the wort, but I am not sure about how this happens. Can it happen in the mash tun, or does it have to be in the kettle?

The traditional method would be a copper kettle. I'd imagine more would dissolve into the boil than into the mash anyway.

On the other hand, from what I understand an all-malt wort has plenty of copper to begin with, and there may not be any benefit to adding more. There's a reason they're called micronutrients.

Jimmy K:
My old kettle had a few copper pieces inside to hold a hop strainer. My new one does not. I don't think it made a difference and plenty of great brewers don't have copper. So I don't know, but you probably don't need it.

other than throwing an immersion cooler in for a few minutes i doubt there is much more benefit from doing anything more.

Jimmy K:
I didn't even think about my wort chiller. Lots of copper contact.


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