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Pliny the Elder extract clone..

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Hi all, first post..

First, I know there have been other posts regds PTE, but I didn't find my question.. sorry if it's a dupe.

As an xmas gift I got the ingredients for a PTE clone, all extract, woohoo!  The recipe it came with was a photocopy from a magazine article, said it was 'from Vinnie from Russian River', great! The ingredients I got didn't match up perfectly, but it was pretty close.   (thx for image help..)

To clarify some stuff I searched around on the net and found _another_ recipe, on this site, for the same brew, with a very different recipe, which is also supposed to be from Vinnie from RR, now I'm confused.

If they were even close (to my untrained eye), that'd be one thing, but there are different hops (warrior), different times, all sorts of things.  Wondering if someone could opinionate on this - did I get the wrong recipe or has it just evolved?  And since I have what I have, can anyone see anything wrong/suggest any improvements to it?

Many thanks,


AFAIK, the recipe for Pliny the Elder has changed a few times. I know for sure that there are multiple homebrew recipes for that beer from Vinnie out there.

Here's a link for instructions on posting a photo:

You do know that recipes are just guidelines, right?  You will probably get close to the flavors with any number of different ingredients.  Why not just chose a recipe, brew it, see how it comes out, then the next time tweak it towards your perceived preference.  Whether it comes out close to Pliny is irrelevant to the fact that you will be making your own very fresh double IPA.

Siamese Moose:
Vinnie wrote an article about Pliny for Zymurgy, in the July/August 2009 issue. It's available for download online here: He includes a little bit about the origin and changes over the years.

Thanks all, have uploaded the orig recipe..



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