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I have a couple of different jars of yeast nutrient in my brewing supplies drawer, including one called "yeast energizer". I typically will throw in a pinch or so in my starters, but I don't always remember and I can't say I have noticed a difference when I use it.

Do any of you have strong opinions one way or the other about yeast nutrients?

I use nutrients in most of my starters and every batch in the boil but I wouldn't say I have a strong feeling.  Always just seemed to me like a cheap insurance policy that can't hurt.

I've never used it, I guess just because I've never had any apparent problems, so I never bought any. I actually have a jar of DAP that someone left at my house, and I still don't use it.

I view it as being like a multi-vitamin for humans. It won't do any harm, but as long as you have healthy yeast and feed them a healthy diet, it won't change anything.

The only time I've ever used yeast nutrient is in mead & maple wine. Every time I brew a big beer, I think to myself "I really meant to put some yeast nutrient in there". But they've all turned out fine regardless.

If I ever tried to brew a HUGE beer (like over 15%), I'd be tempted to do something like a small staggered nutrient addition schedule.

I use it in all of my beers, and it is especially important for mead.

There are many different types of yeast nutrients that are marketed under different names with the same ingredients or the same name but different ingredients - it's frustrating, but you really need to know what you have.  I recommend a complete nutrient like Wyeast Nutrient Blend for all your beers, but especially if the yeast is being repitched.  You might not need it for every batch, but the first time you leave it out and needed it you'll regret it.  I view it as cheap insurance.


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