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Fine particulate matter in suspension

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Hi all.

I am new to homebrewing and have a quick question which I have not been able to find a good answer for.

I have an otherwise good brew (hit all the marks, tastes good) chilling (literally) in my closet.  I brewed without any finings.  After primary racked and dry hopped with pellets.  They have broken apart over the past week and now I can see a billion hop particles floating around.

I don't mind the haze, and I don't mind some bottle traub.  What I don't want is a crap load of hops leaf in every mouthful.

I have some mesh bags that would catch bigger particles but let yeast pass.  I was thinking about boiling, soaking in my starsan solutions and then putting on the end of my siphon hose when racking to bottling bucket.

Good idea or bad?

I would crash cool for a few days or if that is not an option, just wait it out.  The beer should clear. 

IMHO, running through a mesh strainer before bottling is begging for oxidation.


EDIT: Others may have experience with gelatin.  I do not....

I brew exclusively with pellets and they always drop out after a few days of cold crashing (~2°C). If that doesn't get it where you want, try fining - my recommendation would be BioFine Clear at 1 mL/gal.

i dont think it is necessary to strain. everything should settle a few weeks at near freezing temp or with finnings.  however, if you really wanted to preclude this you could make a makeshift filter out of sanitized cotton sponge, or even the grain bag. and put it inside the bottleing tubing at the spigot.  this way there would be no real chance for oxidation. however if there is much particulate this would clog quite quickly i would think

Another option is to line your bottling bucket with a paint strainer bag.  Rack as usual and then gently (and gently is key as you don't want oxidation) lift the bag out of the bucket taking the particles with it.


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